Welcome to the Brand New Fryman music page. Check out new tracks as well as some old classics!

Its been a minute since I have been on this page.  Not sure why as I have been so busy recording.  Fall Away angels have put out two new records!!!  Devil's Door in 2020 and our brand new project Hard Water just a month or so ago.  Check out some of the tracks right here on this page or look up Fall Away Angels on all your favorite digital platforms!!!  This is some really good stuff!!!


Hard Water 

  Fall Away Angels has a brand new recording out now.  Compact Disks are available and the project will be on all the digital platforms in the days ahead.  This is a uniquely good project.  Each song will take you somewhere!!!  Check it out!!!

First Track From Fall Away Angels 

Be sure to visit Frymanband.com to hear the very first track from the new Fall Away Angels band.  The song is called Acrobat and it will be the first track on the new Disk!!!

Fall Away Angels Project 

Hey Everyone,

I've been working really hard at Rock Garden Studio in Appleton, WI to record my latest disk.  I have put together an amazing band for the sessions and I think the resulting tracks are going to be quite different from anything you have heard me do before.  Keep an eye out in the next couple weeks for little hints of what is coming!!!

New Music 

Look for a sneak peak into a new project I'm working on with the amazing Brooke St. James from Milwaukee...  Its going to be something really different...  

New Music Coming Soon 

Have been working like crazy to create a batch of really great new songs.  Have been recording with the Great Mark Lamar and have five new tracks in production.  Also working at Rock Garden Studio on several new tracks with the guys from Fun with Atoms!!!  Keep an eye out... More soon!!!

New Track 

Hey Everyone!

Just received the final version of a new track "Angels Fall."  This is the final track in a series of songs I just finished working on with Mark Lamar.  He gives an Amazing Vocal Performance on this simple haunting track...  Check it out under my music tab!

Happy New Years to All!!!

Back From LA 

Just returning from LA where Mark Lamar and I spent the most amazing day recording with the worlds greatest rhythm section featuring Tal Wilkenfeld and Vinnie Colaiuta!!!  Could not have asked for a better more enjoyable session with two nicer people.  Thanks to everyone on Tal's management team for making this an amazing experience we will always remember...  Also thanks to John Paterno our amazing sound engineer who got all the sounds exactly right!!!   Music to follow shortly!!!

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