David Fry is a singer songwriter from Green Bay, WI... 

His unique vision and ever developing writing style has made him a standout among may talented Midwest songwriters.  Fry is said to have that rare ability to capture a feeling or a moment and translate that essence into a timeless song.  He writes of people and the places they occupy while living their lives.  Whether tales of the big city or the smallest town Fry has a way of finding the souls of his subjects and baring them for all to see.

As the creative force behind the Waist High Bandits and Lily Mars Fry cut his songwriting chops in the mid 90s garnishing lots of college radio play and interest from from multiple record labels.  His strong first album 4LP is still recognized as being the front runner to the Acoustic Alternative wave of records that followed by bands like the Goo Goo Dolls, Counting Crows, and others.

Whether working with a few select friends at home or industry heavy hitters such as Tal Wilkenfeld and Vinnie Colaiuta Fry continues to write and record meaningful and imaginative records that are always worth the listen.